What Our Members Say

27 April 2017 PinkJacketMarketing‏ @ThePinkJacket The fantastic @TheBusinessHive always have something up their sleeve. They have now Launched #BizTips luncheon

26 April 2017 PinkJacketMarketing‏ @ThePinkJacket Really looking forward to the #IntellectualProperty event put on my @TheBusinessHive they always put on the best events

13 April 2017 Ben Pepperell @BenPepperell Nice article @Pepperells @AdamL0vell @davidkemshall @FB_WealthLtd in the cleethorpes chronicle thanks @TheBusinessHive

12 April 2017 Ben Pepperell @BenPepperell As the most recent Patron here @Pepperells could not recommend this highly enough ! Get in touch with @TheBusinessHive

07 April 2017 Liam O'Leary‏@beanoleary Nice to see @TheBusinessHive have filtered coffee on tap and it's a good blend!

05 April 2017 Kevin C Frisby‏@EvolvereAssoc A huge thank you to @TheBusinessHive for the wonderful Easter Egg. A really good first Tuesday

29 March 2017 Ella Brown‏@EllaBModal you folks always put on great events and your enthusiasm seems to know no bounds!!!!

21 March 2017 Lindsay Cowie @LindsayCowie A great Facebook and Social Media Masterclass from @TheBusinessHive and @KnaptonWright tonight - it's all about the user experience!

09 March 2017 angelique Lansley‏ @LansleyA @TheBusinessHive to hear @OnnMel 's story this evening! #GrimsbyIsGreat and Thanks again!

09 March 2017 Scotts Property‏ @ScottsProperty Interesting to hear from @OnnMel about her life so far in politics. Thanks to @TheBusinessHive @e_factor for organising

23 February 2017 InvestNEL @InvestNEL Using our channel to tell the world that the @TheBusinessHive #masterclass was excellent & @grantleboff was truly inspiring!…

22 February 2017 QSBRRSolicitors@QS_BRRlaw·  Thank you @grantleboff loving the #Marketing presentation it's riveting @TheBusinessHive @OaklandsHall

22 February 2017 FB Wealth Management@FB_WealthLtd· Our first master class and we loved it! thank you so much to @TheBusinessHive and…

22 February 2017 Your Business Buddy • @buddy_business'For the 1st time in history everyone has a channel' thanks @grantleboff for your marketing insights & advice. GREAT event#Masterclass…

22 February 2017 Red Herring Games @Redherringgames Fabulous morning training session with @e_factor and @grantleboff learned so much. Thank you!!

22 February 2017 Vicky Claricoates  @vickyclari1Well worth the early start for @grantleboff this morning @OaklandsHall for the @TheBusinessHivemarketing  #masterclass. Fascinating talk

22 February 2017 ProcureMe Limited @ProcureMe_@TheBusinessHive @grantleboff A fantastic event and very worthwhile. Quality speaker, and good #networking. Now to determine the "who"

22 February 2017 sourcefour design @s4design @grantleboff fantastic talk today. Thank you. It's good to see we are doing things right for our clients.

25th January 2017 Care4all @Care4all Thanks to @BlairJacobs1 & @TheBusinessHive for tonight's Master Class! Ready to tell our story!#wednesdaywisdom #GrimsbyisGreat #communicate

1st February 2017 Paul Slade‏ @paulslade01  Really enjoying the First Tuesday #networking at @TheBusinessHive in #grimsby with @was_alamBGE

7th February 2017 FLM Services ‏@Fiona_FLM  • Great night #networking at the @TheBusinessHive #firstTuesday - good to chat with the #members and the #team