The ‘No Rocket Science' Way of Achieving 'Lift Off' (Better ROI) From Your Exhibition Stand

 Tuesday 18th September

8.30am for 9am start until 10.30am

(Including breakfast)

Venue - Oakland's Hall Hotel

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So many businesses:

  • Spend money for the privilege of having a stand at an exhibition 
  • Spend more money (and time) on marketing their presence at the expo 
  • Pay staff to spend a day (or even 2 days) manning the stand
  • But don't spend a penny ensuring they and their people understand how to exploit their presence at the exhibition to the maximum
  • And then wonder why they don’t get any significant ROI saying "What a waste of time and money that was; we won't do that next year."


If you want to make money from having a stand at an expo, it involves more than just showing up. 

We're keen to help you make a profit from your stand at this year’s Business Hive Live Exhibition. So, at no cost to you (and exclusively for members), we thought we'd invite someone along to deliver a MasterClass on how to increase your chances of making your company's presence at Business Hive Live, a worthwhile and profitable one.

But we couldn't find anyone, so we thought we'd ask Austen Hempstead! 

   Seriously, Austen was using stands at business expos as far back as the mid 80's and regularly visits business exhibitions to stay abreast as to what is/isn't working today. As a result of all that know-how, he is able (via his company ), to help his clients achieve the kind of ROI others only dream about.


Want to know how he does it?

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