Being a member of the Business Hive is like having your own Coaching team on board. As a Life Coach myself I know how important having someone to support, encourage and keep you on track is. From the Business advisors I’ve had guidance and practical help: - and whilst Sam is so busy she still manages to go that extra mile, infusing it all with energy and enthusiasm.

There are so many benefits I’d struggle to list them all. Meeting other entrepreneurs at the monthly networking helps build contacts and brings a feeling of camaraderie.  Plus there are regular training and updating skills workshops and events too.

The facilities at the Business Hive have also been a big plus for me. From being able to hire rooms for training and one to one sessions; or using the members lounge area to meet more informally with potential clients or colleagues.   Having Emma and Carrie to meet and greet at reception helps keep things on a professional footing.

I think what sums up the Business Hive team to me is professional, yet friendly and approachable, and always willing to go that extra mile.

Margaret Easton - Transform You


“The Business Hive team has created a different kind of “network” – in a world of significant competition and a market place saturated by events, meet-ups, gathering and get togethers, the offer here is refreshingly distinct.

“The names above the door are impressive, the people behind the door even more so. We joined as a firm shortly after launching an office in Grimsby, complementing our Scunthorpe and Hull bases and meeting our immediate growth aspirations to have a presence in the three largest conurbations across the Humber.

“As a firm, we instil in all our staff a genuine belief that we can be a partner for life for all our clients; our aim is always to create long-lasting, sustainable, strategic partnerships, and the multitude of varying opportunities and platforms offered by the Business Hive is perfect in helping us achieve this..

“There is always something different on the agenda, there is always a new face to meet and get to know. The Hive has been a gateway to new relationships, new friends and importantly new client wins.”

Ben Pepperell - Pepperells


I had been involved with E-Factor before a number of years before the Business Hive opened and have been a member since September 2013. As a sole trader, the Business Hive plays a huge part in my business since I can hold meetings there, use the hot desk facility, attend monthly networking events or simply meet a client or associate for a coffee and a catch up.  Also, there is always someone on hand to help if I need business help, support or advice.  The team at the Hive are warm and friendly and Emma and Carrie on the reception desk are professional and welcoming, so you know that your clients’ first impression of your meeting is always going to be top class.

Fiona McVeigh - FLM Secretarial Services

I joined the Business Hive in 2015.  Quite clearly, for SME's in Northern Lincolnshire, the Hive is the 'business place' to be.  The support offered to businesses by the Hive is unrivalled.  The facilities, the staff and the vision of the Hive are a small part of their very top class customer service.  Every single member of staff is superb, and are always on hand to ensure your experience there is the best it can be.  From hot-desking, to delivering seminars, to just meeting people there for a tea/coffee, the Hive always delivers.  

The Hive is modern, very clean and has all the facilities required by today's businesses.  The decision to join was easy.  Add in the monthly First Tuesday networking events, and the annual Hive-sponsored Expo, it makes the Hive the place to be for all SME's in North East Lincs.  

If you want the best chance for your business to flourish, look no further.

John Mchale - Action Coach

I joined as a Patron Member of the Business Hive Club in May 2017 in my capacity as Broking Manager at Henderson Insurance Brokers. I, like many others, used to find networking a rather daunting prospect however meeting with the Business Hive and its members has been enjoyable from the offset. Sam, Jo, Emma & Carrie have been helpful and welcoming on every occasion and are no doubt instrumental in achieving an average of 70 members and guests at each of the First Tuesday gatherings.

It quite often takes time to build up trust, and the business that comes with it, within a network group but thanks to the Hive’s pro-active approach and additional support I have already seen the benefit. In turn I have applied the skills and knowledge I’ve gained from the Hive in other areas of my job and the improvements in my own professional development are clear to see.

Someone once asked me whether my existing clients and connections can see me through to the end of my career. I imagine many of us, including myself, can’t truthfully answer yes to this and I think the Business Hive Club is the perfect place to start widening your network.

Joe Francis - Henderson Insurance Brokers Limited

I was originally introduced to the Business Hive by a trusted contact of mine who asked me to meet him at the Dudley Street offices for a coffee. Having never heard of it before I went along and was immediately impressed by the set up for hot-desking, the facilities and the professionalism. Not long after, we became a member ourselves and now utilise the site on a regular basis.

As a company that work nationally, we have a number of offices across the UK but as we have a strong client base in the North & North East Lincolnshire area, it is often the case that you need to meet with clients and contacts or you require a base in between meetings. The Business Hive has proved to be a brilliant facility that is excellent value for money.

Also, we have utilised many of the events that the team work hard to put on for the members including the ever popular ‘First Tuesday’ networking, ‘Biz Tips’ lunch and ‘Biz Hive Next Gen’. We have also been a regular exhibitor at the very successful ‘Business Hive Live’ event which takes place at Grimsby Auditorium each year.  

Through our association with the Business Hive, we have not only secured new clients, but we have been able to help other members and build up a very strong trusted network locally of contacts who I work with.

I cannot recommend the Business Hive enough.

Barry Nicol - Stallard Kane Associates Ltd

What’s the Hive all about?

People. You. Your people. Your business.

The Hive is very much an interactive experience. It’s not a business club, it’s not a networking event, it’s not another “B2B” organisation. The Hive is much more that than this – it’s a “B4B” enterprise, run with enthusiasm, passion, collaboration and a real drive that makes a positive difference in the region by engaging with organisations with different backgrounds and needs. By doing this it taps into experience and opportunity which are all then available to be shared by its members.

The Hive is driven by outcomes, not outputs, and by joining you can tap into a true network of professionals and practitioners, and – if you’re new to the world of business – people just like you, who could be starting on the most rewarding journey of their lives!

Chris Jackson - eMentor


As a growing business since 2011 and working from home and various locations throughout the UK, it was an urgent need to settle somewhere better located.

We found the ideal location The Business Hive offices, who answered all our questions and ticked all our boxes. We took advantage of the monthly membership, the full facilities and best of all the professional aspect of the e-factor setup.

The Staff have always been very helpful, and most of the time go beyond what is expected of them.

Our Business grew and we moved from a small office to the largest one in Dudley Street which offered us exceptional rates, allowing us to keep costs down. All their facilities are exceptional and allowed us to portray a more professional image. We have since moved out of the Business Hive due to further expansion but we still use the facilities and attend most of their events and will continue to do so. 

I would highly recommend to any small business looking for a base to use The Business Hive Club or e-factor properties.

Gary McMullen - Tower Staff Construction Ltd


As a new business operating as a sole trader, joining Business Hive has been the best decision I have made. The First Tuesday networking evenings have given me some great contacts and it is an ever-expanding circle. Meeting new people, talking to them face-to-face about what I can offer has definitely been far more beneficial than trying to publicise my product via social media, on my own.  

Running a business as an individual can be isolating. But, having the meeting facilities at Business Hive to catch up with clients or to conduct business outside of my insular environment has been great for my confidence as well as promotes a professional image that I would not have got from my home. 

The best thing about being a Business Hive member is that I have now got access to so many more facilities apart from fantastic networking. Their business advisor is helping me exploit my full potential, the staff are pleasant and helpful, and the general ethos of the company is welcoming. Hands down, it is the best thing I could have done for my business. Thank you very much for everything you do for your members.

Ruchita Green - Masala Masters


I first joined the Business Hive back in 2014 Sam Burgess had called me at my workplace and asked if I would like to have a tour of the Business Hive…………… at that point it had not been open that long.

I turned up for my 1st visit not really knowing what to expect and I was blown away by the facility and Sam Burgess’s passion for the enterprise. I joined immediately and found my new found love of networking when I attended my first, 1st Tuesday networking event.

For about 6 months after changing jobs, I rented a small office at the Hive which enabled me to project manage the opening of a High Street Independent Recruitment Agency in Grimsby Town Centre. This was an ideal base for me and the team at the Hive really supported me while I was putting the business together. I attended many of the free seminars and workshops which helped in keeping me inspired and motivated.

I have had a break recently from the Business Hive after my job role took me out of Grimsby but I have since re-joined and it is great to be back. My work colleague and I are using the hot desk facility twice a week as we are based in Hull but are looking to grow our recruitment business in Grimsby. The Hive is as friendly as ever the team supportive as ever……….I have made some great friends through the networking events and all I can say is long may the Business Hive in Grimsby continue to inspire & support people in business or who are thinking of starting a business for the first time.

Jose Stewart - Staflline Group

Having been involved with e-factor since it launched, and worked with most of their staff at some point, I was intrigued when the Business Hive was launched. Two things were important to me when I considered joining: firstly that it really would bring likeminded business people together in the spirit of sharing ideas and opportunities; and that secondly it would involve no hideous forced speeches and mandatory attendance. I can genuinely say I have not been disappointed.

The Business Hive not only offers a first class opportunity to network in an informal and conducive setting once a month but it has also put on invaluable training and additional events such as Biztips and Business Hive Live.

My only complaint so far has been that in over three years of being a member I am yet to win a bouquet of Kate Lister’s flowers in the monthly business card raffle.

Steve Ryder - CPO Media

Biz Hive Next Gen is all about coming together on an informal basis to build relationships, share knowledge and to create opportunities. Our target demographic are those between the ages of 18 and 40 or in the early stages of their careers, and our events are aimed at broadening our membership’s network of contacts.

Ultimately, our aim is create a diverse membership, bringing like-minded local people together to share and collaborate on ideas, start

new ventures and build friendships that could last a life time.
Adam Aisthorpe - Wilkin Chapman
Chair - Biz Hive Next Gen


I wanted to be involved to reassure and demonstrate to the next generation of business people that there is local support available to assist both with their self-development and business aspirations.

As Forrester Boyd’s youngest Partner I am pushing the accountant stereotype which often prevents the next generation from asking for professional advice. Together I feel the group can ensure that experiences shared and advice given is relevant and appropriate for the needs of the millennials.

Paul Tofton - Forrester Boyd


I have attended many Business Hive events including First Tuesday Networking and understand the difficulty that the younger generation experience when walking into a room of business people, especially if those business people are older than you.

Age is often a barrier to networking and I wanted to be involved to help others like myself to build relationships with like-minded people who can help each other in business.

Alex Shreeve - Forrester Boyd 

I agreed to be part of the Biz Hive Next Gen because it provides the opportunity to socialise and network with like-minded young professionals and entrepreneurs in the area.

As far as I am aware, North East Lincolnshire lacks a forum specifically aimed at young professionals across a range of businesses and I am excited to be part of something which has the potential to be fun as well as useful!

Laura Lougher - Wilkin Chapman


Since joining the Business Hive in 2015 my business has gone from strength to strength and I now couldn’t imagine not being a member!

Having gained my first client whilst still at college, I felt lost once I was officially self-employed full time but thanks to invaluable advice from various members of the team, especially Sam, I started to find some direction and started to hot desk after some thought. The hot desking facilities truly have transformed not only the way I work but have also improved my work-life balance; not forgetting the clients I have gained from being around so many other businesses.

Importantly, none of the advice I have received has come without more support that I could ask for. On more than one occasion the staff at the Business Hive have highlighted opportunities to me, given me advice which I didn’t realise I needed, and introduced me to helpful contacts. Additionally Carrie and Emma, on the front desk, are two of the nicest people you could wish to greet you and always go the extra mile to help anyone. Together the team create a friendly, professional and clean environment that can’t be faulted.

I owe a lot to the team at Business Hive and e-factor, as they have helped Lyke Ltd. reach the point that it is at today and helped me develop as a person. Organisations like e-factor are refreshing because they provide a sense of community and real encouragement.

My best advice would be to organise a meeting with Sam or one of the business advisors (even if you’re not sure what you’d like to gain from it). I would highly recommend membership to virtually anyone in business, for me it’s worth every penny and more! I haven’t even mentioned all of the fantastically organised events, workshops and seminars or any of the other benefits to membership that add even more value to something that is already quite unique.

Andy Green - Lyke Ltd

I joined the Business Hive in June 2016.  Starting my own business (effectively being self-employed) was really daunting for me, especially after 30+yrs of being employed, but it was really something that I wanted to do. 

I initially met with Julie Sweeney and she then introduced me to Sam Burgess and the ladies in the Business Hive office.  I had already attended a range of free (to me) courses on Social media, which not only served to reinforce what I knew, but also taught me a lot more too.  There was no hard sell, but Sam highlighted the long list of benefits of being a member. 

I have used the Business Hive hot desks throughout the year.  I have made use of the photocopying and printing services (which are at really good prices), and attended the workshops and networking events.

But the biggest help to me has been Sam’s belief, encouragement and guidance when the times were tough and I started to lose belief in my dream.  She took time to meet with me and coach me by challenging me to think of things that were once part of my dream, but I had lost sight of through the fear of failure.

It was my first anniversary in May and I am so pleased to say that business is looking up and I am filling my portfolio with organisations  who want my services, including the Royal Air Force, the Institute of Customer Service and ICON Training.  Thank you Sam; thank you Business Hive.

Kevin Frisby - Evolvere Associates Ltd


I joined the Business Hive in 2015, my main reason being that I could use their hot desk facility.  As a sole business owner, it was important for me to be able to tap into the facilities of a larger office, as I didn't want the initial set up costs of internet, printer and other sundry equipment.  It has been great for me, as I pop along as and when I need to, especially if I have printing requirements, and use the venue to meet clients. Everyone is friendly, and the monthly Tuesday networking is a great way to meet up with the wider Business Hive community.  I attend some of the extra events and seminars, which they organise, and find these really useful and informative.  All in all - I think the Business Hive represents value for money, and I know that the benefits it gives to my business is worth every penny of the monthly fee.

Kim Jerome - Buzz Buzinezz 

Firstly,  I'm really proud of the fact that my membership number for the Business Hive is 001 - I had secretly hoped for 007 but that was perhaps too much to ask!  I worked closely with the E-Factor team at the time when the Business Hive was just an idea so to be the first member was, and remains, a real privilege.  My membership offers a number of things which are really important to me:-

I spend a lot of time out of my office and often have gaps between site visits. The Hive offers really useful "touch down" space where I can catch up on some emails and phone calls in a productive environment.

The meeting facilities are excellent.  The Hive allows me to have meetings with Grimsby based clients without the need for them to come to my office in Hessle.  They always give really positive feedback on the location and quality of facilities.

The Hive can also be a hideaway.  Sometimes it's necessary to detach myself from my own office to concentrate on a particular project rather than be interrupted by colleagues who just want a couple of minutes of my time!

And finally, for those of us old enough to remember Cheers - a place where everybody knows your name - The Hive always has a friendly face and a feel good environment.  There are a huge variety of people working there from a wide spectrum of businesses yet there is the common aim that everyone wants to be successful which can be a real lift on the days when the To Do list is perhaps longer that I would like it to be!

Carl Bradley - Clark Weightmen
e-factor are a fantastic organisation. Their passion and enthusiasm to help businesses succeed is second to none. They have helped us grow our company by providing us with modern office space, business support, networking and regular thought-provoking events. We would highly recommend being part of this excellent business support group.
Liam O'Leary - Laser Red

I would like to recommend the excellent services Sam and her team at Business Hive provides to local business’s here in Grimsby.

I am fortunate enough to be a patron member of the Hive and have been introduced to many likeminded people since joining the Business Club. This relationship and contacts I have made through the Business Hive have resulted in me becoming the Enterprise Advisor for Healing Comprehensive School. A role which I am very excited about and I look forward to helping the pupils broaden their horizons and expand their opportunities.

I highly recommend the Business Hive and I look forward to working with them now and in the future.

Emma Mason - MHI Vestas Offshore Wind


Michael and Jayne Anne O’Flynn have been members of the Business Hive for almost three years now.  We quickly realised that this was no ordinary Networking Venue, but was completely focused on the Business Community of North East Lincolnshire and beyond. 

Being new to the area and starting our own business in the area it was very important for us to meet other business owners, and do business with local businesses.  The range of information, support and Master Classes, Social Media courses we have found most helpful to our business.  Also, it has put us in contact with professionals who are of interest to our business.  It can be quite daunting when coming into a new area to make contact with new people.  The Business Hive is the perfect place to do this.

All the team are so helpful and knowledgeable. Nothing is too much trouble for anyone of them. The facilities are fantastic at the Business Hive. Members have modern and comfortable meeting rooms at their disposal, where they can hold client meetings in a professional and welcoming environment, with every need catered for by all its’ staff. 

We are so grateful to Mark Webb, Sam Burgess and her team for all the professional help they have so warmly given to us over the last year, a time when we were getting to grips with our new business and needing all the help we could get.

Grimsby can be proud to have the Business Hive in its town. We wish it every success for its future.
We can highly recommend the Business Hive to anyone who is looking for support, making new contacts, and availing of the many Courses, Master Classes that are constantly been run at the Hive.

Michael and Jayne Anne O’Flynn


We have been a member of the Business Hive since it started and are not at all surprised at the rapid growth it has seen to become the focal point for business to business contact in N.E Lincs.

Although we are a well-known firm the networking at the Hive has helped our people connect with business people on a regular basis in both the traditional way of face to face as well as helping take our social media to a higher level. 

The range of information and support available is second to none and as all the team there are so helpful we make a point of recommending clients to visit which in turn adds value to our relationship with our clients. The Hive has also enabled many colleagues who are new to networking to get involved and hence develop their own business skills. 

As such I would recommend all owners, whatever the size of their business, to check out what the Hive can offer them

Paul Gray - Forrester Boyd


I joined the Business Hive back in March 2014 - and what a two years it has been!

From the very outset, I was met by Sam who introduced the concept of the Business Hive and how it might be of benefit to my brand new business.  Since then, referrals have come to me from the team at the Hive which has undoubtedly helped me grow my business year on year.

The opportunities for networking are fantastic - and always done in a non-threatening, very sociable way.

The Business Hive is a fantastic place to meet likeminded professionals and allows the opportunity to develop my own business.  The facilities at the Business Hive are exceptional and allows me to meet clients in a professional environment where a warm welcome is always on hand!

The Business Hive should be highly recommended to people in business in the North East Lincs area - and hope it continues to go from strength to strength.

Chris Bayne - Social Marketing Lincs


I like the concept of the Business Hive Club - a 'not-for-profit' organisation that helps local businesses make a profit. It just floats my boat and deserves to succeed.

So when I was looking for a way to 'put something back', I suggested the idea of running some business seminars (called iCan) at your premises where the entry fee would be cans of food that would be given to a local charity.

You guys were really helpful and did everything you could to market the seminars to their members and the local business community. The seminars created a win-win-win: 

  • A way for local businesses to give something really meaningful to those in most need in their community, 
  • Over 2,000 cans of food for hungry, homeless people and 
  •  To be honest, and (I'm sorry of it sounds corny) a feel good factor for me by doing something good.

I've met some really nice people through the Business Hive, given referrals to some, introduced good business contacts to others and because what goes around comes around, enjoyed receiving referrals and doing business with at least 4 companies I can think of who are members.

Austen Hempstead - Mystery Breaker

I would like to provide this testimonial with regard to the support I have received from Sam Burgess and all of the Team at the Business Hive.

Since joining early this year, I have received various types of support including the great facilities which provide a first class impression when meeting clients, and a nice friendly atmosphere when hot desking. The staff are always happy to help, or just have a chat over a cup of coffee, which as a sole business person is a nice touch.
One of the introductions made through the Business Hive has been extremely positive introducing me to one of her clients which has resulted in a new joint venture which will benefit businesses across the Humber region.

As I am located centrally between Hull, Grimsby and Scunthorpe, I have looked long and hard for a similar facility to provide me with the same level of support in Scunthorpe and Hull but to no avail. The facilities and support the Business Hive provides really is unique.

Overall, the Business Hive is an essential resource to businesses new and old, and long may this continue.

Jason Kay - ProcureMe Limited

"I set up as a freelance copywriter in 2013, my first time being self-employed, and the Business Hive has always been a big help. 

The team are very supportive, giving advice on different areas of my business such as deciding rates and the direction of my services, and will happily recommend the services of other businesses to me. They are very generous when passing my name and services on to other businesses too. Following connections through the Hive, I have been working with a leading, award-winning local business on an on-going monthly project which I thoroughly enjoy. 

I think the events, particularly the workshops and Inspiring Women networking events, are fantastic, and the Hot Desking and Meeting Lounge areas are extremely handy for people like me who work from home but occasionally need space to meet people and work in a different environment."

Lindsay Cowie – Purple Swirl (Freelance Copywriter & Blogger)

Since joining the Business Hive last year, I have been extremely impressed by both the professionalism and friendliness of all the staff, coupled with the excellent facilities, where phone calls can be made, meetings can be booked and computer work carried out remotely thanks to the quality of the Wi Fi that is available throughout the business.

The Business Hive is always clean, has really good facilities for refreshments and allows the opportunity to meet with other business colleagues for advice or support.  It has made managing my diary a lot easier as I am now in closer proximity to many of my clients and I must thank you for the opportunity to help build my business from a great location with a superb team working to maintain the high standards of customer service that you set yourselves. Well done and many thanks!!

Simon May - Active8 Managed Technologies Ltd
I’d just like to say congratulations and a big thank you to you all for pulling of another fantastic Business Hive Live yesterday and for your help during the day.
I know only too well how much hard work and effort exhibition planning takes and it’s even more impressive since you were unable to set up the day before! All the stands looked so professional and the keynote speakers were brilliant and gave me great ideas.
I also noticed it was significantly busier visitor-wise. I had constant visitors, people registering for our email updates and taking information plus a new enquiry for employment law, which will hopefully result in us meeting up with the business in the near future.

A big well done and here’s to 2017!

Debbie Connolly - QualitySolicitors Bradbury Roberts & Raby


As a new member of the Business Hive, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. In addition to the obvious benefits -  access to hot desking, the business lounge, business hive shield and meeting rooms, plus much more… 

Well, my expectations were really blown out of the water. The Business Hive team couldn’t have been more supportive of my business giving guidance and ideas on how I can raise the profile of the business. The proof really was in the pudding though, and recently I held a HR Forum which was the first event I have held at the Hive, and I honestly couldn’t have wished or hoped for any more help or support. 

Emma and Carrie on the day were outstanding, arriving much earlier than they should to make sure that they were on hand should I need anything, setting up the room exactly as I needed and meeting and greeting the guests as they arrived.  Sam and Jo helped in promoting the event through e shots and spreading the word through local media. 

Yes, the big things do make a difference but it is often the little things like this that leave a lasting impression. For anyone – business large or small who may be considering joining the Business Hive then you should go for it.   The facilities, support and access to a huge network is invaluable. Everything made possible because of Sam and her dream team. 

Nikki Davies - Sherwoood Recruitment


I would like to recommend the fantastic service you provide at the Business Hive.

I would just like to say a massive thank you for the use of the meeting room.  Emma had come in early to accommodate the early start, that was very much appreciated.  She also helped out in getting the room prepared and replenished with coffee etc when required. 

I'd also like to thank Carrie who was there for much needed tech support!

If any other organisations need a meeting room or require any of their business services I would strongly recommend using you, as I will definitely be using your services again soon.

Mark Gradley - MG People