Hypno Quickies

Every Thursday starting in September

30 minutes sessions

12pm and 12:30pm

Venue - The Business Hive

Brand new starting in September, every Thursday lunchtime Tara Foulkes from Alloquor is hosting 30 minute "Hypno Quickie" sessions, designed specifically around the needs of people in business.  

Hypnotherapy is a great way to release stress and tension, to remove emotional build up, to change your thinking or behaviour and to dump feelings or emotions that you no longer need.

When you are hypnotised, your body will become relaxed while your mind becomes super alert, listening to Tara’s voice and suggestions.  You will not be doing anything or acting in any way that you may have seen in shows or on television.  You will be simply sat enjoying the experience. 

You are not required to talk; your mind will make the pictures and scenes inside your head.  Nobody else will be able to see or hear anything that is going on inside your head.  This is simply time for you to take 30 minutes out of your day to defrag. 

This is also an ideal opportunity for those who have always wanted to try hypnotherapy, but for one reason or another have not moved it forward.

You will enter the room prior to the start time, you will sit down and when the session starts you will gently close your eyes.  You will be then guided through a group hypnotherapy session to address some of the challenges that we face in business today.  Every session will provide some level of stress release and relaxation, as the process of hypnotherapy allows your conscious mind to switch off enabling your unconscious mind to dump memories or experiences or make changes as required. 

Sessions will start at 12pm and 12:30pm, prompt, if the session has already started, unfortunately you will not be able to sneak in.

This is a rolling programme of events, if you have any suggestions of topics that you would like to be covered, please let Tara know and we will incorporate these into the timetable.



Please see below the dates and times:


September 6th - Stress relief
September 13th - Confidence boosting
September 20th - Improve communication skills
September 27th - Motivation
October 4th - Better decision making
October 11th - Better quality sleep
October 18th - Stop the worry
October 25th - Release anger
November 1st - Improve your performance
November 8th - to be confirmed