How to Launch and Grow your Food and Drink Business

Saturday 17th June

10am until 4pm

Business Hive, 13 Dudley Street, Grimsby
A masterclass which gives you all the advice and tools you need to bring your product and brand to market, and become a growing success in today’s competitive global food and drink industry.
Getting your product idea off the ground is challenging enough but then how do you profitably increase your sales and reach of your inspired food and drinks on a world wide scale?
This masterclass taking place on Saturday 17th June will give you the answers! Jam packed with practical tips and insight from experienced speakers and food entrepreneurs you will learn how to successfully bring your food or drink brand to life and grow it in line with your own personal objectives and mission.
The inspirational Claire will share valuable expertise on how she went from market stall to creating the multi award winning ‘Scrubbys Vegetable Crisps’ brand achieving both national and international sales.
Victoria is an international sales and marketing expert who has developed global markets in various sectors before now supporting and training small ambitious UK food and drink brands to grow internationally. She will give advice on how you can take your food and drink business to the next level.
This masterclass is suitable for new developing brands as well as those who would like a refresher of the fundamentals and to learn more about how to take their food and drink products to the next level of growth and success.
Session 1: Launch
  • First steps to follow when you have a product idea
  • Bringing the idea to life
  • Product creation
  • Testing your product and market
  • Food labelling & legislation
  • How to create your brand
  • Sales and Pricing
  • Marketing your product
  • Common pitfalls - and how to avoid them
Session 2: Grow
  • How to start the scale up process
  • Approaching the retailers & larger scale customers
  • The benefits of seeking overseas customers
  • How to start finding international business
  • Extra considerations when entering new markets
  • Common exporting pitfalls and how to avoid them
To End the Day: Q&A
An invaluable opportunity to pick the brains of an experienced foodie entrepreneur and an experienced international expert.  No holding back, you will learn in 1 day what took years to learn and experience, giving you the best recipe for success you could wish for!
Light lunch and refreshments will be provided on the day. 
Early bird discount of 10% if booked before 1st June 2017. For this discount please contact
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