Coffee Meetup and Lead Talk by Adam Aisthorpe

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Coffee Meetup and Lead Talk by Adam Aisthorpe 10/10/2017 at 15:00pm until 17:00pm

*Biz Hive Next Gen Event (18-40s)

Our meetups are designed to be informal and fun and its great way to meet like-minded members.  Set in the funky and friendly setting of the Counting House Adam’s talk will be about ‘Selling Your Business – The Legal Process’ and will highlight possible sale structures, the typical transaction documents and the deal process from start to finish. 

As well as introducing delegates to the typical legal documents that feature in nearly all corporate transactions, those present will also be introduced to the two main methods of structuring a business sale or acquisition, “Share Sale” vs “Asset Sale”, and the reasoning why a Buyer or a Seller may want to structure the deal in either manner. The talk will also highlight the typical transaction process, including the due diligence and disclosure stages, and will highlight the potential pitfalls to avoid when selling a business.

Members and guests are invited to grab a cup of coffee, share their ideas and help and support each other.

Counting House
11 Sea View St, Cleethorpes
DN35 8EX

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