Business Hive Backup Pro

Most businesses, large and small, store their customer data, financial records and nearly all documentation electronically, either on a single computer or a larger server.

Keeping that information safe and secure has become business critical imperative. We all know about antivirus software and looking out for spam e mails, but the risk continues to grow. We all assume our laptops/Pc’s or hard drives will not fail or USB Drives won’t get stolen or damaged, that we won’t fall foul of a malicious computer virus, but sadly it happens, and not being able to access your data, business documents, quotes, pictures and customer records etc can cost your business dearly.

The Business Hive are pleased to be able to offer our members some peace of mind with Business Hive Back Up Pro. A service that will protect up to 512 GB of data, by automatically uploading it every day to a national ISO 27001 certified datacentre with military grade security.

Set up only takes minutes, and in the event of loss of data, you will have instant access to all your backed-up information, from any PC or Mac. 

This back up service usually costs £5 per month but is FREE to all Business Hive members for the first year saving you over £60 per annum.

To sign up or for more information e-mail or to look at options on upgrading to unlimited data and multiple pc’s Optional Upgrades

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